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Well I finally managed to light the fire under my bottom and properly add to this journal. I hope that everyone will enjoy looking through the new items that I'm adding.


With the weather getting colder in the northern hemisphere it comes time to look into cute ways to keep warm. These are just two examples of the different styles that StarlightThread offers.

Bucket Style PonchoCollapse )

It's a very simple bucket shaped poncho with a tie neckline, good for adjusting to suit your style and needs. There are no limits to the color currently for this design. I can work with you to make this design in any color your choose.

Basic Bucket Style Poncho - $35
(Certain styles of yarn may add to the cost)

V-Shaped PonchoCollapse )

The second picture will show better how the poncho is laid out. This style allows more room for arm movement as it hangs low in the front only. This style I am currently only making in this style of yarn which offers both the pink, blue, and a purple mix yarn.

V-Shaped Poncho - $40
(Remember to choose which color you prefer blue, pink, and purple.)

Also I have pictures of a completed Wizarding School Scarf in the Third and Fourth Year style. The picture will show the different in knitting between both styles.
Red House Scarf ComparisionsCollapse )

Wizarding School Scarves - $35

Current turn around times for these items:
Scarves - 3 weeks
Ponchos - 3 weeks
21st-Jun-2006 10:24 am - New Scarf/Plushie Pictures
Well I finally managed to update myself and I have new pictures for you all to see. I also have the wonderful news that I have a Yellow House Scarf that I have extra. It is ready to ship today if you are in need of it!

Yellow House Scarf - w/o fringe for $25
Shipping is only $5 and if you'd like the fringe to be added, it would only be an extra $5.

Click here to see all four house scarf examplesCollapse )

I am still taking orders for Lumos! All scarves are completed of course within two to three weeks depending on current demand! If you are in need of a scarf let me know immediately. The sooner you put in a request, the sooner I can finish the scarf for you.

We had an excellent set of plushies just shipped out. moony_couture was an excellent and most talented assistant when it came to completing these plushies. moony_couture fell in love with the Potions Master plushie and has plans to create an oversized one for herself.

Click here to see the latest plushie commission that we had.Collapse )

I'm certain that we'll be floating around Lumos with more plushies, so look for us when you're there.
7th-May-2006 06:50 pm - Welcome to Starlight Threads
Starlight Threads is my space to display my recent knitting and crafting projects. Most of my projects are knitting currently but I also have my collection of plush dolls that I will display here as well.

One of my current favorite projects is replicating Wizarding articles of clothing. I have completed all four house scarves in the First and Second Year styles.

Red House ExampleCollapse )

These wonderful Wizarding scarves are for sale and made to order in the color/style that you would like. Each scarf is only $35 plus $7 shipping. Email us today or comment on this post to put in a request for any scarf that you'd like.

We also are offering Wizarding plush dolls of your favorite characters. These awesome dolls come complete with removable clothing and additional wardrobes at your request. The dolls have muslin bodies and felt hair and faces. These are definately a must for all fangirls!

Wizarding Plushie ExamplesCollapse )

The current turn around time for these items are as follows:

Scarves: 2 to 3 weeks
Plushie: 4 weeks

Email us to be put on the list for one or more of these great items!! Feel free to comment to this post if you have any questions!
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